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Splashlite Studios

Where all are welcome to play!

Abstract Splash
Image by Sean Sinclair
Image by Casey Horner

On the Road!

We are mobile, collaborating to bring an immersive experience wherever it is needed. 
We pack up our tricks & toys to facilitate accessible & inclusive sessions, programs, events, & gatherings. We play hard to find ways to inspire colourful JOY in any type of place or space. 

Image by Sean Sinclair

By The River!

In Guelph, the studio is a centre with open doors to the community filled with a large rare crystal collection, egg laying Quail, cats in the garden, & respite spaces for rent.

SLS is the birthplace of CathARTistry and where Slinky Whisperer began his journey into what it means to him to make the world a better place.

Image by kazuend
Image by Tyler Lastovich

About Us

SLS is a multi-sensory creative space where dynamic forms of expression are used as a treat to boost wellness! Through the five senses we curate opportunities for people of all needs and all ages to explore what it feels like for us to immerse in play so we can grow & learn.

Our History

“We are all beings of expression as it is our source of universal connectivity. In every moment of living, we use our empty spaces to create understanding and transformation with our bodies.”

Colorful Lights

The Guelph Youth Theatre company evolved into the Educational Theatre Collective: “act out, explore you. ETC.” After years of successful political interventionist theatre programming in schools, homes & in the community; there was a shift towards working directly with families accessing social services. It had become clear that in order to advocate for people’s therapeutic health needs, we had to find creative ways to encourage families to take control by asking for help. 

The arts collective LifeDramatiX, launched Social Advocacy For Everyone.  S.A.F.E provided individualized support for people seeking solutions within our social service structures. Specializing in autism, ageing & wellness, LDX collaborated with local organiations such as Canadian Mental Health Association, Community Helpers Activation Program, KidsAbility, Playsense Activity Center, & the Developmental Services of Ontario. 

Beyond Arts & Advocacy was developed to succeed at trying to make even more space for people to find support & respite from our villages of attachment. B.A.A teaches people how to become a self-advocate, so that it’s easier to navigate our mainstream support networks. Together we facilitate support for respite workers, social wellness gatherings, individualized support circles and assisting families with activities of daily life through developing adaptive life skills.

Finally, the union of therapeutic advocacy & using expression as a creative cathartic tool gifted us the concept of CathARTistry!! With foundational inspiration in Augusta Boals “Theatre of the Oppressed” and Donovan Kings “The Optative Theatre” coupled with workshops in “Neufeldian theory” by Doctor Gordon Neufeld studying theories around attachment & neuropsychology; SplashLite Studios has become a malleable & transportable space where playfulness leads the way towards healing & where anyone can become a CathARTist.  

Are you looking to find creative ways to advocate for your own needs and the needs of others?


Are you frustrated with the lack of hands-on support from our health institutions? 

Are you ready to gain more control of your great life by asking for help?

What We Offer

Therapeutic advocacy within developmental and mental health services

Alternative Communication Devices

Graphic Recording

Personal Care & Personal Support Work

Dementia & Alzheimers Support

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

Micro Boards & Support Circles

Respite Services

Transitional Living Support

Community Access

Mental Health First Aid

Employment Training & Counselling

Adaptive Life Skills Training through Activities of Daily Living

Person-centred approach

Trauma informed care

Inclusion Facilitation

Theatre of the oppressed technique



Inclusive Scuba Diving

Accessible Skiing

Expression & Catharsis

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